This is the proper way to handle anger

Of all emotions, anger is the most viral. It’s more contagious than joy and more deadly than sadness. It is mostly considered as a secondary emotions because it began as fear or pain then graduate within few seconds to anger.

Once the pains or fear start, amygdala in your brain triggers the release of Adrenaline and other stress hormones. The resulting impulses cause a change in your face, narrow down your thoughts and if you can’t control your mouth, you may start voicing out things you will later regrets.

The  graduation from pain to anger involves a collection of thoughts in your brain. “Why is she acting up?” “I can’t take this” then corner you into a self protection mode. Some people vent out their anger and move on immediately, some people suck it in and prolong it. According to some research, if you continuously tamp down your anger, it can lead to a prolong stress which will leave you prone to diseases by interfering with your immune system ability to regulate inflammation through out the day.

Moreover holding on to anger is like a ticking time bomb and could jack up your blood pressure and heart beat immediately. Anger contribute to depression and anxiety, it is related to headache, irritable bowel syndrome which are all exacerbated by persistent high level of stress.

So how do you handle anger ?

It is important that you understand this basic truth. Anger is a like a floating sign telling you that something is wrong and you need to address it. Once this sign present itself, it either you accept it, think and react or you ignore it and leave with the consequences.

If anger arises, the following steps can help;

  1. Breathe deeply

Take a deep breath , more than once to suck in any negative response and allow your body to fully understand the situation.

  1. Observe your body sensation.

All organs in our body is interconnected, your legs may try to walk, your hands may want to hit, your mouth may want to speak. Observe your body sensation and fully take charge of the situation.

  1. Leave the scene if you must

If the scene is heated up, its very important that you excuse yourself from the scene take a walk, think over it before returning back to settle it.

  1. Try and reset yourself.

This is very important, you need to be fully aware of the situation, and make sure you reset yourself to fully understand what actually happens and think of ways of fixing it without hurting yourself.

  1. Address it

Don’t allow it to pass on to the next day, the thought of it can drain your energy and leave your immune system open for attack. If you are at fault, apologies, talk it over with the person and move on, if you are not at fault, explain in cleat terms the whole situation with the person involved, find a common ground and move on.



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